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Revolutionise Your Period

A Menstrual Cup for a Happier You

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Easy to wear, the menstrual cup is as gentle and invisible as you need it to be, offering up to 12 hours of Day & Night Leak-Free Protection, so you can go about your day empowered and liberated.



Keep your plans even while on period, as you can wear your menstrual cup while Exercising, Swimming or Sleeping. Indoors or outdoors, now you can carry on with your active lifestyle with no interruptions.



Collecting your menstrual flow, rather than absorbing it, Green Rays Cup will allow your Vaginal Flora to keep its Natural PH, preventing conditions associated with tampons use such as dryness, irritation, allergies or thrush.



Made of soft biocompatible 100% medical grade silicone, using no additives or dyes, Green Rays Cup is manufactured in a ISO 9001:2015 certified facility & registered by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).



Be a better Global Citizen! Eco-friendly, Zero Waste Period Vegan product, packaged in a GOTs certified organic cotton storage pouch,  encouraging and facilitating a low-waste period.



We are estimated to use more than 13,000 of disposable pads and tampons in a "menstrual lifetime", a real expense in the long term. Green Rays Cup is reusable for up to 10 years.

Green Rays Cup - Your Modern Period Protection

Made in the USA from high quality biocompatible & FDA registered medical grade silicone, Green Rays Cup has your back all month long.

Green Rays Cup | Mini
Green Rays Cup | Mini - Green Rays Cup Menstrual Cup

Green Rays Cup | Mini


Green Rays Cup | Size A
Green Rays Cup | Size A - Green Rays Cup Menstrual Cup

Green Rays Cup | Size A


Green Rays Cup | Size B
Green Rays Cup | Size B - Green Rays Cup Menstrual Cup

Green Rays Cup | Size B



Green Rays Cup will Revolutionise your Period Experience. We are so confident about it, that offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy. If after three-period cycles you still don't get the hang of it, we will refund you. No questions asked!

Choose To Be Happy

Healthy, Comfortable & Eco-Friendly Period Solution.

So you can go about your day, truly liberated. 

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What Green Rays Cup Users Say?

Be Yourself, Free & Empowered, All Month Long.

My Travel Pal

Jane A.

“I love travelling and being outdoors a lot, but that rarely happened when Aunt Flo’s was visiting me as it was quite difficult to take care of my hygiene properly. I’ve started using Green Rays Cup, and that was such a game changer for me. I can wear the cup for a full day, and sometimes I forget I’m even having my period. Even  emptying it on the go has been easier than expected. I warmly recommend this to everyone!”

No More Tampons

Anna A.

“I’ve been using menstrual cups for quite a while now, it’s the one thing that I know that I can totally rely on while on period. Green Rays Cup has been offering the leak-free protection I needed, even during long office hours. It’s empowering to know that I am on period, but that doesn’t change the way I go about my day. I’ve recommended this to all my friends, they already think of me as an expert in menstrual cups. Thanks, Green Rays Cup for having my back!”

My Low-Waste Period

Georgia H.

“I’ve become more conscious of health and chemicals exposure, with the birth of my first child. And while researching for all things natural and healthy for my kid, I realized I am not really making the best choices for myself. All the chemicals in the tampons and pads I’ve been using were leaving me irritated, sour and allergic. Switching to a menstrual cup has been a blessing for my vagina, and probably for my entire wellbeing. It took some time to get used to it, but it was so worth it.”

Every Single Month

Maria C.

“I kept hearing about menstrual cups for several years now, but I was afraid to try it out. It’s funny thinking about it now, while I am wearing my cup every day of my period days and I enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy it because I don’t feel it - it just does the job as it should, with no leaking! I even went to the beach during my first day bleeding this month, and I was able to have fun as usual, with no interruptions. I can’t say enough about how this little piece of silicone reinvented my period days!”

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