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Menstrual cups vs. tampons - Some really bloody facts

You might be already quite familiar with tampons, and you might have been using quite a few along the years. But how do menstrual cups compare to tampons and why would you choose one in favour of the other? 


Do you feel your tampon while you're wearing it? This is such a common complaint expressed often among tampons users. As the tampon keeps absorbing the menstrual flow, it expands, triggering an "uneasy" feeling to many of us. Given the absorption propriety, tampons often cause vaginal dryness, making the insertion of the subsequent tampons even more difficult. 


If you have not used menstrual cups before, you might be surprised to hear that menstrual cups are the definition of true comfort during menstruation and once you've inserted your cup, you will not feel it's there. The cup fits snugly, it doesn't cause any pressure, and it doesn't expand (as tampons do as they are designed to absorb the menstrual flow). Additionally, you won't need to remove your cup when going to the toilet (for whatever business you may have), and you can wear the menstrual cup for as long as 10-12 consecutive hours, during the day or night. 


Not only that they are good for you, but menstrual cups are also good for the environment as they are reusable for up to 10 years. Wear, rinse, repeat. Finally, your period can be factually zero-waste. 


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We have an obvious winner and the menstrual cup triumphs hands down on all grounds. What are you using for menstrual protection this month?