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What is a menstrual cup? And what's with all the hype?

Green Rays Cup
What choices did you have when you last went ‘period’ shopping?  There must have been a box of tampons, a pack of sanitary pads, and…?
Well, that’s all the choices you had – a Grand total of two! Even these two choices are far from perfect. For both products, you need multiple changes in a day; they can become really uncomfortable once they absorb lots of liquid; they are pretty pricey for one-time use. If you have an active lifestyle, then you are doomed. You will find it difficult to live ‘life as usual’ during your monthly period cycle. Stepping into a pool is a strict no-no. In fact, stay away from all water-related activities. And then, you might have heard of menstrual cups, as the alternative to tampons and pads that you had been waiting for all along.    But how could it make your life different?  

Keep on with an active lifestyle

Green Rays Cup stays in the vaginal canal and stores the menstrual blood. As the product does not absorb, you do not have to worry about discomfort, leakage or staining. This soft cup easily goes in and seals the exit. So, it leaves no space for any liquids to come out. You can even go swimming with it. You do not have to take a weekly break every month from your life anymore.  

Comfy fresh

Absorbent menstrual products are sometimes a real smell fest. Tampons, in particular, can be a nightmare to insert because you must find just the right angle so that no blood spills out. They dry out the vagina too. With Green Rays Cup, all the worry goes away. Once you insert the cup, you won’t even feel it. This is a long-wear product. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the fibers shed by the pads and tampons.  

No more rashes and irritations 

The pads and tampons do not always disclose what they are made of. But, irrespective of the brand you use, these are the usual suspects: un-organic cotton, rayon, dioxid, BPA, chlorine, and fragrant chemicals that can cause rashes, irritations, and allergies. Do you know what Ray’s menstrual cup is made of? 100% medical-grade silicone.  Save some money
You spend a good few thousands of euros on your menstrual supplies in a lifetime. Menstrual cup users will be cutting down their spending to the price of the product – which is a one-time investment for up to 10 years! Just keep the cup in your purse at all times, and you never have to deal with last-minute trips to the pharmacy.  


Tampons and disposable sanitary pads are responsible for lots of waste, being in the top 10 most polluting products which take long years to completely decompose. With Green Rays Cup, there is no more period waste - you get to save the environment too, one month at a time.