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Empowering Menstruators.
Promoting EcoAwarness.

Green Rays Cup was born from a desire to empower women and give them better, healthier and eco-friendlier alternatives to period hygiene. Because with suitable and comfortable solutions, we gain better control over our body, our choices and our life. We want to keep on with our lifestyle, either while on our period or not. 


We want to live a happy healthy life where our choices support the Earth and don't damage it - we are eco-aware and we strive to provide the means so you can continue being eco-aware too. 

We fight to normalise menstruation and to release women from shame. Because, yes, having a period is normal and common.  


The Mission

We are committed to improving and promoting women’s sanitary menstrual health in an eco-friendliest way. By offering safer, sustainable and reusable products, we help women embrace better self-care, and we give them a reason to own and love their bodies.



Our Vision


We aspire to be the brand representation of womanhood and body appreciation and lead the advocacy for sustainable menstrual hygiene. It's our purpose to inspire confidence in vulnerability and to support and empower women both locally and worldwide.