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Frequently asked questions

What is Green Rays Cup Made of?

Green Rays Cup is made of 100% Class VI medical grade silicone. This is FDA registered silicone tested for biocompatibility and is suitable for medical applications. The same material is used to manufacture baby pacifiers and bottle nipples, making it one of the safest material to have around your vagina. Our period cup doesn't contain any colours or dyes. The cotton pouch used for storage is made of organic cotton GOTs certified.

Where is Green Rays Cup manufactured?

Green Rays Cup is made in the USA, in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. The cup is registered by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration - Federal Agency of USA). Our Company is a member of Green Dot Cyprus. 

It looks big - how can I insert it in and be comfortable?

While it might look big, this menstrual cup can be folded quite easily to reach almost the size of a tampon. There are special folds that generate the smallest insertion points (check the user guide for a complete tutorial). Once inserted, the period cup is sitting under the cervix, the rim supported by the elastic vaginal wall muscles, where you should not feel it's there. Users report feeling more comfortable wearing a cup rather than tampons, given the different position of each within the body.

What if I have a tilted uterus or a low cervix?

Many users with a “tilted” or retroverted uterus find wearing a period cup comfortable. Depending on the degree of the tilt, the cup could sit too low, closer to the opening of the vagina. If that is the case for you, it’s a good idea to cut the stem to make it more comfortable. If your cervix is too low, you should opt for the Green Rays Cup Size MINI, which is short, but still holds enough capacity to support a regular flow. Read more about how to measure your cervix on our blog.

What if I wear an IUD?

No scientific evidence suggests that wearing a menstrual cup can affect the placement of the IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) or determine expulsion of the IUD. One Canadian research checked 900 women and found no link between the rate of expulsion and wearing a menstrual cup. That being said, it's a good idea to pay extra attention when removing the cup so that the suction doesn't cause the IUD to dislodge. In case of doubts, always consider checking with your doctor/gynaecologist.

I am a virgin/sexually inactive - is this for me?

Yes, you can use a menstrual cup, even with a virgin vagina and a possibly intact hymen. The Size Mini is suitable for the younger users who need a smaller cup to feel truly comfortable. It's a great idea to use a water-based lubricant for easy insertion and check the folding positions that generate the smallest insertion points. We're going through this extensively in our user guide.

Can I have sex while wearing the cup?

The Green Rays Cup is not to be used as a contraceptive method. Although technically, chances to become pregnant while on your period are on the lower side. While it could be possible, we don't recommend using the cup during full vaginal sex. On the other hand, feel free to enjoy other types of intimacy while wearing the cup!

Are there any risks involved?

A menstrual cup is not associated with any medical problems. Wearing a cup lowers the risks of getting TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) that are generally associated with tampons use. Keeping proper hygiene is essential - wash your hands before using the cup, sterilise the cup at the beginning of every cycle and wash it with water and soap after emptying it and before reinserting. Don't wear the cup for more than 12 consecutive hours. If you ever experience any discomfort or symptoms that include but are not limited to, sudden high fever, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, sunburn-like rash, fainting or blacking out, discontinue its use immediately and seek medical care. 

For how long can I wear my cup?

You can wear a cup for up to 12 consecutive hours. You might want to empty it earlier, especially if you are a novice in wearing menstrual cups. The cup can hold more than 4 normal sized tampons. If you have a very abundant flow, you might need to empty your cup earlier. You might need to empty the cup less frequently towards the end of your cycle.

Can I go to the toilet while wearing it?

You can "go about your business", either for pee or poo, while wearing your cup. For the "bigger business", you might feel that the cup is sliding out. If that happens, with clean hands, push it cup back in and continue your activity. 

Can I sleep with it?

Yes, the cup can be worn for up to 12 consecutive hours day and night. Depending on your flow, you might find that you need to change more often. Most Green Rays Cup users don't need to worry about that as the cup offers protection throughout the night. 

Can I swim with it?

Absolutely, that's one of the "perks" of using a menstrual cup while on your period. Full protection while nothing shows off or sticks out!

Can I do sports with it? How about yoga and inversions?

Yes totally. You will find it more comfortable to exercise while wearing a cup instead of the tampon or pad. Inversions might be a matter of personal choice as yoga teachers have different opinions on the subject. 

Why is my cup leaking?

Make sure the cup is placed correctly and is fully open - reach around the base of the cup and ensure that it is rounded and there are no dents. It could be that the leakage is residual blood or that the cup needs to be emptied. There is also a possibility that the cup is not the right size for your body. If that is the case, get in touch with us so we can help you choose your size. Check the user guide and the blog for more tips on how to handle the leakage problem. If you are a beginner in using menstrual cups it's a good idea to use a pantyliner as a safety net. As you'll get the hang of it, extra protection will be unnecessary.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without justification. If you find that a product is defective, we're happy to send a replacement. Please send us a picture of the defective product. Using a menstrual cup is a lifestyle change, and it might take a couple of cycles to get it right. If after several months you find this that Green Rays Cup is not a fit for you, please contact us, and we will arrange a refund. We will ask a picture of the menstrual cup cut in two.

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