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Green Rays Menstrual Cup User Guide

Remember the first time wearing a tampon? Or contact lenses?

Getting used to your new menstrual cup might be as challenging the first time around, and it might take a few tries to get it right. You might be asking yourself how to insert and how to remove your menstrual cup easily. Experimentation will get you there. Take your time to get the hang of it, and you'll be mastering it like a pro in no time!

We can assure you that it's all worth it.

Getting to know your cup

The cup is easy to manoeuvre while being firm enough to keep its shape inside the vagina, in an optimal position.

Once folded, it can reach almost a tampon size, for easy and smooth insertion.

There are plenty of folding techniques and you will find the most suitable one for you through experimentation.

Check out the most popular ones, take some time to try them all and decide which one is your favourite:


The C or U Fold


Pinch the cup closed on one side, until the sides of the rim touch.


Fold the cup again completely on itself, in half.


Hold the fold from the middle of the cup.


The insertion point will have a U or S shape. 

The Punch Down Fold


Push with one finger one of the sides of the cup.


Push the rim down to the base and pinch.


Keeping the rim near the base, unite the opposite sides of the cup.


Hold the cup firmly - this fold ensures a smaller insertion point.

The 7 or Triangle Fold


Pinch the cup closed on one side until the rim sides touch.


Fold one side until you get the shape of the digit seven 7.


Alternatively, fold one side completly, achieving a triangle.


This fold also offers one of the smallest insertion points. 

Wearing the cup


The C fold and the Punch-down fold are the most popular ones and by far, the easiest to master.

If you are looking for the smallest insertion point you will find that the Punch down or the 7-fold are the most comfortable during the insertion phase.
It should never hurt you. If you find it hard to insert your menstrual cup, take a break, relax, and try again later.


Firstly, relax your pelvic muscles.

To help with insertion, either squat or lift one leg and place it on a chair to get the right angle.

You can try this while sitting comfortably on the toilet or while in the shower; the water will behave as a lubricant.

In case you need extra moisture, you can use a water-based lubricant or natural aloe vera gel. 


Once inserted, slightly push the menstrual cup up the vaginal canal until it opens and gently rotate it to secure its position.

When it’s fully open, slightly pull down the cup by its stem (this is how the cup gets "sealed" protecting against leakage). The cup should not be too close to the opening of the vagina, but if you have a lower cervix, that might be the case. If you find the stem to be uncomfortable, remove the cup and trim the stem down with scissors.


Find your best position again - it can be either while sitting comfortably on the toilet or while in the shower.

Pinch the base of the menstrual cup, break the seal and gently pull it either by the base.
In case you don’t find the stem, push gently through your vagina wall muscles until the cup lowers down the vaginal canal.  

Do not worry, the cup can’t get lost inside of you.

Caring for Your Cup

Every month, before using it for the first time, sterilise your menstrual cup by boiling it in plain water for 5 minutes.

Every time you empty the cup, wash it with water and soap. While on the go, you can just wipe it clean.  Always make sure the vacuum holes are clean.

Keep your period cup in the organic cotton pouch that comes with it. 

Avoid placing it in plastic containers without ventilation.

Always Comfortable

Wearing a cup should always be comfortable. If you feel any pressure, check the cup positioning and make sure it’s opened correctly in the right angle. 
If the problem persists, it could be that a different size would benefit you better. Please check out sizing guidelines to make sure you have chosen your most suitable cup, but keep in mind that we are all unique and there is no one size fits all. 



If you have questions, just get in touch!

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