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Comfy Periods

For Empowered Women

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Green Rays Cup

Why should YOU make the SWITCH?

Perfect for Your Body

✔ Made of biocompatible 100% medical grade silicone & no colorants.

✔ Doesn't "mess up" with your vaginal PH.

✔ Bye, bye irritations, itching, dryness!

Better for The Planet

Reusable for up to 10 years.

✔ Effortless Zero-Waste periods.

✔ About 13,000 disposable tampons & pads in a lifetime. Or just 4 cups? What is your choice?

Fit for an Active Lifestyle

✔ Up to 12 hours of leak-free Protection

✔ For Day & Night Use

✔ Go on with your active lifestyle whether you are running, swimming, travelling or working.

Great for Your Pocket

✔ Spend about 3000 euro in a lifetime on disposables. Or 100 on cups. Choose the money smart option.

✔ No more running to the pharmacy in the middle of the night, your protection is always near.

Easy to Use. Comfy to Wear.


Nearly gets to the size of a tampon.


Collecting (instead of absorbing) the menstrual flow.


Enjoy up to 12 hours of protection, day & night.


Empty, rinse and repeat. Easy peasy.

Choose the Cup that's Right for You.

Size Mini

For teens and those who need a smaller/shorter cup (have a low-cervix)

Get this size

Size A

For those who have NOT given birth vaginally or C-section

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Size B

For those who have given birth vaginally or C-section

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Made in the USA. Worldwide Recognition.

High Quality & Superior Standards. Because your body deserves the best.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed PLUS:

What Others Say?

★★★★★ "Liberating, Empowering, Revolutionary, Love my Cup, Game Changer, So Happy" ★★★★★

Green Rays Cup
Green Rays Cup
Green Rays Cup

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