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Green Rays Cup is a menstrual cup, a reusable hygiene product, used as an alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary pads. 


The anatomical malleable supple cup is meant to be placed internally, in the vaginal canal and is aiming to collect the menstrual flow (as opposed to absorbing it, as tampons do), allowing to keep the vaginal PH at regular natural levels. 


Depending on your menstrual flow, you can wear your menstrual cup for up to 12 consecutive hours Day & Night, no leaking, no shame, no worries. 

You could potentially go on from the morning until the evening, on a full working day, without bothering yourself to empty your cup. 


Green Rays Cup can be Reused Month after Month for up to 10 Years.  


No more uncomfortable pad changes in shady toilets, taking breaks in the middle of your activities or worrying about leaking!


Think your period is about to come, but you're unsure of when? Green Rays Cup can be even used preventively, so your period will never catch you unprepared ‚Äď whether you are at work, school, gym, beach or travelling.


Truly liberating, enjoyed by women of any age, teens and adults alike.


Swim, Dance, Run, Love

The capacity of the Green Rays Cup Sizes A and B is of more than four high absorbency tampons. 


surfing with a menstrual cup

You can now wear your tight yoga pants even while on your period, without the fear that the lines of the pads are showing.


Whether you are vacationing or just enjoying a sunny day, you can go to the beach or pool and Enjoy Any Water-Based Activities even if you are menstruating.


This menstrual cup will stay tight at where you need it to be, gently, invisible and most of all, comfortable.


Go ahead and Run a Marathon and don't let yourself be interrupted by an otherwise normal body process. Go on and travel without planning your next toilet visit. Don't let your period stop you!

Real Comfort

For many, finding the right angle for sliding in a tampon is a challenge, especially if the vagina is not lubricated enough to allow easy insertion.


A menstrual cup can be simply folded to fit in the entry of the vagina, and if needed, it can be lubricated with water, aloe vera natural gel or any other water-based lubricant. Green Rays Cup comes in 3 sizes, aiming to be a Perfect Fit to Your Individual Body.


Disposable pads, on the other hand, are uncomfortable for many due to the "diaper" feeling, the sensation of "always wet" while others experience severe allergies or rashes. 


Pools and hot tubs are another big no (in case you mind the blood). 


Green Rays Cup is truly innovative, Suitable Adaptable to the Modern Woman's Lifestyle, offering real comfort even during the hardest days of the month.


You don't need to take our word for it, feel free to try it yourself and share your experience with us through the social media channels. 



Healthy & Safe

With Green Rays Cup, what you see is what you get.  

Legislation in the disposable period hygiene industry does not require manufacturers to disclose the entire list from which products are made.


Unfortunately, most of them include rayon, dioxin, BPA, un-organic cotton, chlorine or fragrances so the risk of irritation, rashes, allergies, or even TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is high.


Green Rays Cup handIn Europe, the menstrual cups are regarded as hygiene products, so there is no strict regulation to enforce safety.


Many menstrual cups that are being sold on the market are manufactured in improper conditions using unknown materials and dyes. 


Green Rays Cup is made of 100% traceable 50 durometer medical grade silicone, class VI, by our manufacturing partner based in the USA, in an ISO 9001:2015 registered facility. Our cup does not include any dyes. 


The USA regards menstrual cups as a medical application, requiring FDA registration; therefore, the regulation around it is strict, ensuring that the end product is safe and suitable to being used internally.


Eco-friendly & Low-Waste


Statistics estimate that a woman uses about 13,000 tampons or pads in a lifetime.  


Sadly, all these disposable products get in a landfill, taking long years to disappear completely.  


While it's enough shame around menstruation and we don't want to add guilt on top of it, Green Rays Cup encourages and supports you to be eco-aware and eco-friendly. 


Using Green Rays Cup is one easy way to reduce all that waste produced by disposable period hygiene products and get your period zero-waste.

What would you prefer - using 4 Menstrual Cups in a Lifetime or 13,000 disposable pads and tampons?


A Money-Smart Option 



If you are using disposable pads and tampons, you are to spend more than 3,000 euro in a lifetime just on these products alone. That is quite a lot of cash to spend on menstrual hygiene products! 


Switching to a menstrual cup will allow you to save a quite impressing amount of money in the long run, making the decision of using a menstrual cup an economical one as well.  


With proper care and under normal use, your menstrual cup is Reusable for up to 10 Years. 






Get Closer & Stay Intimate 


Some of us don't feel at ease to be too close to our partner while on our period.


 It can be due to the unpleasant odour, the sound of a pad or just the unsightly look of a blood stain. 


 A menstrual cup takes all that worry away and allows you to enjoy intimacy all through the month.   


While being on a period is normal, natural and there should be no shame around it, we understand that it takes time to feel completely liberated and embrace this natural process. 


Keep enjoying your partner, without the fear of bleeding!