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Green Rays Menstrual Cup. Enjoy your Period.

Green Rays Cup is a menstrual cup. An eco-friendly reusable hygiene product, used as an alternative to disposable tampons and sanitary pads.



The anatomical malleable cup is meant to be placed internally, in the vaginal canal, aiming to collect the menstrual flow (as opposed to absorbing it - as tampons do), allowing to keep the vaginal PH at regular natural levels. 


A Menstrual Cup Designed for Heavy Flows


The capacity of the Green Rays Cup is of more than four high absorbency tampons. Size A capacity is of 32ml and Size B can hold up to 40ml menstrual blood. You could potentially go on from the morning until the evening, on a full working day, without bothering yourself to empty your cup.


You can wear your menstrual cup for up to 12 consecutive hours Day & Night. 


For Active Lifestyles 


The menstrual cup is fully compatible with sports and water-based activities and it is particularly enjoyed by those who are physically active. 


The Green Rays Cup is made from a soft but firm enough medical grade silicone, therefore the cup will stay in place while you are exercising and it will not be squeezed by the vaginal muscles. Softer cups will be collapsing under the pressure of those muscles causing leakage.


So go on and wear your tight yoga pants even while on your period, without the fear that the lines of the pads are showing. Run a marathon or swim in the sea and don't let yourself be interrupted by an otherwise normal body process. 


Increased Comfort during Periods


For many, finding the right angle for sliding in a tampon is a challenge, especially if the vagina is not lubricated enough to allow easy insertion.  A menstrual cup can be simply folded to fit in the entry of the vagina, and if needed, it can be lubricated with water, aloe vera natural gel or any other water-based lubricant.


Green Rays Cup comes in three sizes, aiming to be a perfect fit for your individual body. 


Disposable pads, on the other hand, are uncomfortable for many due to the "diaper" feeling, the sensation of "always wet" while others experience severe allergies or rashes. 



100% Medical Grade Silicone  


Green Rays Cup is made of 100% traceable 50 durometers medical grade silicone, class VI, by our manufacturing partner based in the USA, in an ISO 9001:2015 registered facility. The cup is not coloured so it does not include any dyes, limiting the exposure to unnecessary chemicals.  


The USA regards menstrual cups as a medical application, requiring FDA registration; therefore, the regulation around it is strict, ensuring that the end product is safe and suitable to being used internally. We think it is crucial to know where products are being manufactured to avoid the risk associated with products made in improper conditions, using unknown materials and dyes.



Green Rays Cup is exclusively made of medical grade silicone and it is manufactured in the United States. 


By limiting the contact with the chemicals (rayon, dioxin, BPA, un-organic cotton, chlorine, fragrances etc.) found in traditional disposable tampons and pads, the vaginal area will be less at risk of irritations, rashes, allergies, or even TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).



Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 


Statistics estimate that a woman uses about 13,000 tampons or pads in a lifetime. Sadly, all these disposable products get in a landfill, taking long years to disappear completely.  


While it's enough shame around menstruation and we don't want to add guilt on top of it, Green Rays Cup encourages and supports you to be eco-aware and eco-friendly.


Using a menstrual cup is one easy way to reduce all that waste produced by disposable period hygiene products and get your period zero-waste.


A Money-Smart Option  


If you are using disposable pads and tampons, you are to spend more than 3,000 euro in a lifetime just on these products alone. That is quite a lot of cash to spend on menstrual hygiene products! 


Switching to a menstrual cup will allow you to save money in the long run, making the decision of using a menstrual cup an economical one as well.  


Get Closer. Stay Intimate 


Some of us don't feel at ease to be intimate while menstruating. It may be due to the unpleasant odour, the pad's "sound" or just the fear of a potentially unsightly look of a bloodstain.  

While being on a period is normal, natural and there should be no shame around it, we understand that it takes time to feel completely liberated and embrace this natural process. 


Invisible and comfortable, wearing a cup takes all that worry away so you can keep enjoying intimacy. Although it might be possible, keep in mind that normal sexual contact is not recommended while wearing a cup.


What are you waiting for? 

Make the switch.

Better for You.

Better for the Environment.